Monday, October 3, 2011

The Most Amazing Science and Tech Pictures of the Week

Wingsuit Flyer American Jeb Corliss, wearing a 
wingsuit, jumped out of a helicopter at 6,000 feet and 
glided through the massive Tianmen Cave in Hunan 
Province, China. He landed safely, thanks to a parachute. 
Getty Images

After realizing that the PopSci editors’ chat room is awash in amazing pictures that don’t necessarily see the light of day on our site (due to oldness, redundancy, or a host of other dealbreakers) we thought: why are we keeping these to ourselves? Here are the pictures this week that made us gawk, laugh, and email the .jpg links to our friends, from a perfectly geometrical haircut to a dude gliding through a giant Chinese cave in a wingsuit.

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