Thursday, October 27, 2011

UK Man Gets Prosthetic Limb With A Smartphone Dock Built In

The DARPA Arm Imagine a brain-controlled 
robotic arm that also packed its own connected 
computer/smartphone/auxiliary devices? FDA via Flickr

PopSci - Trevor Prideaux was having trouble texting. Prideaux, who was born without his left forearm, used to have to balance his smartphone on his prosthetic arm or lay it on a flat surface to text, dial, or otherwise take advantage of the technology. So with some help form the Exeter Mobility Center in Devon, UK, the 50-year-old Prideaux has become the first person to have a smartphone dock embedded in his prosthetic limb.

With some design help from Nokia and the prosthetics team at EMC, Prideaux’s Nokia C7 is now fixed within his prosthetic forearm (he went to Apple first hoping to mount an iPhone, but Cupertino declined to participate in his project).       More