Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is Google working on high-tech spectacles?

CNET - Google is reportedly designing eyeglasses that could display information on the world around us.

The high-tech specs purportedly would tap into Google’s cloud-based location services to convey details about the user’s surroundings. The visual information would then appear as a 3D augmented reality computer display.

Known as wearable head-up displays (HUDs), the glasses are reportedly in the late prototype stage, says tech news site 9to5Google. Based on information from one of its sources, the site describes the glasses as similar in appearance to conventional eyeglasses but with a few buttons on the arms. The actual display technology is unknown, but 9to5Google speculates that it may use a transparent LCD or AMOLED screen.

The report follows a story in yesterday’s New York Times claiming that both Google and Apple are hard at work fashioning wearable technology.                 More