Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Look Out! Driverless Cars Coming To Nevada

Discovery News - Motorists of The Silver State, don’t be alarmed if you soon glance over at the car next to you and see a passenger waving from a driverless car as you zoom across Interstate 15.

Nevada lays claim (mining pun intended) to some fairly brazen “firsts,” morally suspect as they may be: The first U.S. state to legalize casino-style gambling; the first state to sanction the use of the gas chamber for executions; and, to top it off, the first (and only) state to legalize prostitution in the modern era.

Depending how you feel about sharing the road with driverless vehicles, Nevada’s newest “first” sounds just as reckless as the aforementioned.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles released a statement Wednesday saying that its Legislative Commission gave thumbs-up for regulations allowing for operation of self-driving cars on the state’s highways and byways.              More