Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Android 4.0 report card: Which manufacturers are failing?

Computerworld - Got Ice Cream Sandwich? If you’re like many Android owners, the answer may be “not yet.”

The Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google’s Android OS — also known as Android 4.0 — has been rolling out to devices since December. But three months later, many phone and tablet owners are still waiting for a taste.

Given the breadth and diversity of the Android ecosystem, it’s inevitable that upgrade availability and timing will vary to some extent from one device to the next. Manufacturers do, however, often provide us with insights into their plans for various phones and tablets — and with the end of 2012′s first quarter now upon us, I thought it’d be worth checking up on those promises to see who’s followed through and who’s let us down.*

Based on their own publicly shared plans, here’s how the different Android manufacturers have performed in 2012 so far.

*The first quarter technically ends this Saturday, March 31. If by chance anything changes in the few days between now and then, I’ll update this page accordingly.

Android 4.0 Report Card: Acer

Acer promised its entire Iconia Tab line would be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, starting with the A200 and moving from there to the A100 and A500 devices. Acer rolled out Android 4.0 for the Iconia Tab A200 in late February; with a stated upgrade window of “mid-April” for its A100 and A500 tablets, the company is thus far on track and keeping up with its word.