Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quadruple Amputee to Swim Around the World

Discovery News - He has parachuted from an airplane and swum the English Channel, feats made all the more impressive considering that Philippe Croizon lost his arms and legs after an electric shock. Now, Croizon has made plans to swim around the world.

Over the next four months, the 44-year-old Croizon and long-distance swimmer Arnaud Chassery plan on swimming four straits between five continents. It’s only been done once before.

“We will be campaigning to encourage a different attitude to disability, especially in the undeveloped world,” Croizon said told reporters at a news conference.

Croizon learned to swim without limbs five years ago, using artificial leg extensions, flippers, and his partial upper arms to propel him through the water. In 2010, he completed the English Channel.           More