Fox Business - A group of hackers claiming to be aligned with Anonymous is planning to bring down the websites of 46 major companies around the world on Friday, including Bank of America (BAC: 7.08, +0.25, +3.66%), Apple (AAPL: 561.50, +0.22, +0.04%) and Wal-Mart (WMT: 63.90, +0.86, +1.36%).

The group, known as TheWikiBoat, posted a full list of companies as well as a “press release” online, saying it plans to “hit and attack” the “high revenue making companies of the world” in an effort to “make a difference.”

In addition to attempting denial-of-service attacks that bring down the websites for at least two hours, the group says it aims to “release precious classified data.”

However, actually executing that task is far more difficult due to obstacles like encryption, cyber security experts say.

It’s not clear what TheWikiBoat’s motivations are behind the planned attack, but Anonymous and other related groups have taken an ideological stance against symbols of capitalism in the past, including big U.S. banks and NYSE Euronext’s (NYX: 25.02, -0.24, -0.95%) New York Stock Exchange.   More