Monday, July 23, 2012

Firefox 15 beta boasts support for Opus audio format, reduces add-on memory leaks

Engadget - Can't bear to part with your favorite browser extensions, but can't stand to see them devour your system memory? Maybe you should check out Firefox 15. According to Mozilla's Hacks blog, the browser's latest beta should patch up the majority of memory leaks gushing from Firefox add-ons. Also new, is the beta's support for Opus, a free audio format partially supported by Mozilla.     More

Firefox Beta 15 supports the new Opus audio format

What is it?

Opus is a completely free audio format that was recently approved for publication as a standards-track RFC by the IETF. Opus files can play in Firefox Beta today.

Opus audio codec logo
Opus offers these benefits:
  • Better compression than MP3, Ogg, or AAC formats
  • Good for both music and speech
  • Dynamically adjustable bitrate, audio bandwidth, and coding delay
  • Support for both interactive and pre-recorded applications

Why Should I care?

First, Opus is free software, free for everyone, for any purpose. It’s also an IETF standard. Both the encoder and decoder are free, including the fixed-point implementation (for mobile devices). These aren’t toy demos. They’re the best we could make, ready for serious use.