Monday, July 9, 2012

Odd Olympic Mascots: Photos

Discovery News - Olympic mascots might not be as dramatic as the opening ceremonies, as memorable as the athletes, as prominent as the sponsors or as recognizable as the medals. But Olympic mascots are an essential part of every tournament, where the tradition of international competition and good old-fashioned marketing meet.

Mascots can become a symbol of goodwill and provide a window into the character of the host nation. They can also give younger audiences a way to connect with the games before they're old enough to appreciate the competition itself.

Wenlock and Mandeville are the official mascots of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, respectively, in London. These mascots are also the first to have an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

The most prominent feature on both mascots, the eye, is designed to resemble a camera lens to allow them to "record everything," an unusual message given that security-minded London is known for having a camera on every corner.

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