Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spider-Man swings into two new iOS apps

Get him, Spidey!
Get him, Spidey!
(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET)
CNET - App developers know how to plan ahead. Just in time for "The Amazing Spider-Man," which swings into theaters July 3, Disney Publishing and Gameloft have released two very different, but equally great, movie tie-ins.

The Amazing Spider-Man ($6.99) delivers an action-packed gaming experience, while the Spider-Man AR Book HD ($4.99) -- unappealing name notwithstanding -- gives kids an interactive storybook to read, hear, and play with.

Let's start with the game, which plays exactly like a Spider-Man adventure should, giving you an open city around which to crawl, swing, and battle.

Because games like this all but demand a big(ger) screen, I tested The Amazing Spider-Man mostly on my iPad 3. Visually, it's a knockout, bringing Manhattan to life like few mobile games I've seen. Cars drive, pedestrians walk, signs flash -- it's a feast for the eyes. (Gotta say, though, Spidey's rear end is a little too, er, defined for my liking. He's definitely sculpted to please the lay-daze.)    More