Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hulu Plus Just Made Apple TV a Million Times Better

Gizmodo - Hulu Plus is on Apple TV now. Hulu just confirmed to us and in an official blog post that its streaming service is now available on Apple's set-top box. It's actually a pretty big deal.

Hulu appearing on Apple TV is a major concession from Apple. To this point, it had blocked other content providers, like Hulu and Amazon Prime, from appearing on its platform. The TV race has gotten tighter in the past few weeks, though, with cheaper alternative Roku being bought up by Newscorp—a major content creator and distributer.

Now it's added Hulu Plus, which like Netflix, is a premium service that offers TV shows and movies. Its selection of TV shows is generally more robust than Netflix's, and for movies, it has the entire freaking Criterion collection.