Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Notes for Gmail Adds Sticky Notes to Your Messages

PCWorld - In recent years, a handful of developers have attempted to add note-taking capabilities to Gmail, the idea being to let you attach custom, personalized information to any given message.

For example, suppose you get a sales inquiry from a potential customer. You could attach a note with details on when you replied, what you said, how you plan to follow up, and so on.

Likewise, if the boss emails you about an important project, you could embed related information inside that email rather than keeping it someplace separate. Heck, maybe you just need to remind yourself who the sender is, like if it's someone you met at a conference. The possibilities are fairly endless.

Notes for Gmail is a new browser plug-in that, in case the name didn't give it away, lets you add notes to Gmail. It's a simple but incredibly useful tool, and for the moment it's free.

It's also in private beta, though I was approved immediately after clicking Request an Invitation. Your mileage may vary.