Saturday, August 25, 2012

Star Wars: Detours - Reviews & Trailer

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Collider.Com -

If you’re tired of George Lucas capitalizing on his Star Wars brainchild with countless new projects, you won’t be happy to hear about Star Wars: Detours. On the other hand, if you like new ideas and original programming that exist in the Star Wars universe, the new kid-friendly animated series will be sure to please.  From the creators of Robot Chicken comes Star Wars: Detours, a new comedy series that casts your favorite characters in a storyline that’s less concerned with warring throughout the galaxy and is content to show their day-to-day escapades.  Hit the jump to check out the series trailer and a few clips from Star Wars: Detours, as well as more on how it got started.

As E! Online reports, Seth Green, Matt Senreich and Todd Grimes had been developing Star Wars: Detours, the animated comedy series that takes aim at Lucas’ beloved characters and centers them in the chasm between Episode III and Episode IV.     More

DoubleBReviews.Com -

Star Wars: Detours is the latest project from Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich, who have also added children's animated show veteran Todd Grimes into the mix to make it look sillier and the least amount appealing for adults as possible.    More

Gizmodo - 

I still remember Joel's plea to forgive George Lucas for his many sins. He had a point. Kind of. A little. Ish. Had. Whatever mercy I had left for this man—a man who I greatly respected and admired as a creator—has completely disappeared after watching the trailer for Star Wars' Detours, a comedy.        More