Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vizio All-in-One review (24-inch): a TV maker tries its hand at desktops

Vizio AllinOne review 24inch a TV maker tries its hand at desktops

Engadget - We see lots of computers announced every year: many of them are forgettable, and we don't even have the manpower here at Engadget to review them all. You might wonder, then, why we've been a little fixated on Vizio's. Well, for starters, up until a few months ago the company didn't even make PCs, and now it's selling five. Secondly, they actually look pretty good, especially for an outfit that's best known for its value-priced TVs.

We've already had a chance to take its 14-inch Thin + Light laptop for a spin, and came to the conclusion that although it had a flaky trackpad and poor battery life, it represented a good start for a company that hadn't previously made a computer. Now we're taking a look at one of the company's all-in-one desktops -- the 24-inch version, to be exact. At $800 and up, it, too, is attractively priced, with an eye-catching metal design, external subwoofer and a crapware-free Windows install. But is it as good as it looks? Let's find out.