Monday, March 18, 2013

How Winter Woes Inspired A Nanotech Fix For Everything From Cold Necks To Knee Pain

Hot And Cold
Hot And Cold ClimaWare knee wrap Dhama Innovations
PopSci - Kranthi Kiran Vistakula developed technology that can keep your body comfortable in outside temperatures that range from -50 to 50 degrees Celsius. 
With the exception of Russian novelists, not many people can say their big break was inspired by the despair of a frost-ridden, snot-icicle-inducing winter. Yet for Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, a graduate student from Hyderabad, India, the inconvenience of the Boston cold wasn't something to shrug at -- it was a problem to fix. 
While working toward a master's degree in biomedical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he grew increasingly annoyed by the cyclical struggle of piling on layers of clothing to combat the frigid cold on his walk to class, only to break into a sweat and peel them off the minute he stepped inside an overheated building.