Monday, March 25, 2013

New BMW 6-series takes dictation, shows virtual gauges

2014 BMW 6-series
BMW will offer this special edition of the 2014 6-series, called 
the Frozen Brilliant White Convertible.
(Credit: BMW) 
CNET - BMW announced new features for its 2014 6-series model today, including an advanced voice recognition system that can take dictation from the driver and send out an email or text.
The tech arms race between BMW and Audi is yielding some amazing cars, such as the Audi S7 we recently reviewed. BMW fights back with its newly announced 2014 6-series, featuring revised cabin electronics that will not only take dictation and send out emails for the driver, but also debuts a new digital instrument cluster.
BMW touted the new voice recognition system for the 6-series in a press release today, noting its simplified voice commands and control over most cabin tech features. The new system will let drivers activate a dictation mode, having the car transcribe emails and text messages. The car reads out the resulting text and includes voice controls for making simple edits. The driver can send the text to anyone in her paired phone's contact list through email or text message.