Monday, April 22, 2013

Google Might Change and Make Using the Internet Way Better

Gizmodo - As a fashionable internet denizen, you do not use a homepage, probably. You open a new browser window or tab, and you're met with your Chrome apps, or Safari favorites, or whatever the hell Firefox is doing now. And if you do have one, it's probably a legacy media hub like MSN, AOL or Yahoo, or a search page like Google or Bing. But what if the web found a way for a landing page to be useful again? 

According to GoogleSystem, Google has live code that suggests it's working on bringing its Google Now feature to the web. Not just the web, but the Google search page—basically the most frequented and iconic web page on the planet. And that would be awesome.  

Google Now is maybe the most powerful convergence Google has ever conjured up. It's the proto-synthesis of the decision-making future Mountain View promised us in exchange for gobbling up reams of personal, often sensitive data about our lives.