Saturday, June 1, 2013

The New Google Maps: Smarter, Better-Looking & More Social

SIM Partners - Two weeks ago, Google introduced its new Maps at its I/O conference. The new interface includes a sharper design and improved user experience with the results and rankings of listings being determined by a variety of new factors.

As seen above, the redesign of the interface includes a fullscreen map display and removes the list view of results that was previously displayed on the left. The teardrop pins have been replaced by red dots – complemented by business names to show top-ranked listings. Whereas the previous interface limited the number of pins marking top-ranked listings to 10 or less, the new interface appears to have between 15 to 20 top listings, depending on the vertical and geo. If you wish to view your results in a list display similar to the old Google Maps, you can simply click on “Go to list of Top Results,” which will take you to a new page similar to the old Google Places ranking page.   More