Thursday, September 12, 2013

Control these large smart appliances with your iPhone

Looking to justify an iPhone purchase? Here's a handful of smart kitchen and laundry units with iOS-compatible apps.

CNET - The definition of the word "smart" as it applies to appliances is still finding itself. Breville considers its Smart Oven smart because adjusts the active heating elements based on which preset you use. Microwave ovens from various manufacturers have used sensors to measure temperature and humidity for years.

The definition also forks if you narrow down "smart" to meaning "connected." Dacor's high-end Discovery IQ oven and Samsung's RF4289HARS refrigerator both have large touch screens and Wi-Fi connectivity, but no companion mobile app.

Most smart appliances, though, do have an accompanying app. All of those apps are available on iOS, and, to varying degrees, Android (Samsung restricts its washer and dryer app to iOS and to Samsung's Galaxy mobile devices, not the rest of the Android universe). For those of you contemplating a new iPhone purchase, and interested in using it for some degree of appliance control, here are your choices from some major appliance manufacturers.   More