Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grading the Big Four: How did your wireless carrier rate in 2013?

PCWorld - The big wireless carriers have few qualms about charging customers for sending and receiving texts, despite the fact that providing the service costs them virtually nothing.
Your carrier is ripping you off.

And it may even be putting your life at risk. Law enforcement has pleaded with manufacturers to include device “kill switches” to thwart the tsunami of smartphone-driven street crime. But most phones don’t have a kill switch. Why? Because including one would eat into profits the carriers make from selling device insurance. Yup.

Though the carriers clearly have no respect for their customers, they do have to compete for our business. So let’s take a look back at 2013 to see which companies made things a little bit easier for consumers and which introduced unnecessary annoyances into our lives.


  a minus

T-Mobile’s occasionally profane CEO, John Legere, has achieved the once unthinkable result of making the carrier wars interesting to people who aren’t device nerds. Not only did he spearhead a number of bold, industry-shaking moves, he did it while openly antagonizing the competition.   Read More