Monday, February 17, 2014

Polar bear cub unveiled to public at Toronto Zoo (VIDEO)

CBCNews - Toronto - The lone surviving polar bear cub at the Toronto Zoo made his public debut on Saturday.

The cub is only three months old, but it made waves on social media when it was featured in YouTube videos that went viral.

Video of the cub's first steps, first bath and first time romping around in snow garnered about six million hits online, but the animal had not been displayed in the flesh to the public until this weekend.
“You see the lineups? The popularity? It’s family day and everyone is here,” said Jeff Young, Toronto Zoo wildlife care supervisor.

The unveiling of the young cub is part of the zoo’s Polar Bear Month, which is geared towards saving polar bears and raising awareness through educational activities.

The cub, born Nov. 9, remains nameless. One of the activities the zoo asked the public to participate in is the name drive.   Read More