Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 reveals its hidden features

We knew all about the Galaxy S5's heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanner, but dig a little deeper and there's a lot more going on.

CNET - BARCELONA, Spain -- Spend a little time with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you'll quickly see that there's more to this flagship smartphone than the heart-rate monitor on the back and the optional fingerprint scanner on the front.

Of course, those are some of the phone's defining characteristics, but beyond the attention-grabbing headlining acts are three interesting and useful little gems.


If you explore the Settings menu or the quick access settings in the notifications pulldown, you'll notice a quiet little option called Toolbox. Toggle it on and a white dot appears, inscribing an ellipsis. Tap this and it will expand to reveal shortcuts to popular tools like the camera, voice recorder, browser, calculator, and the notes app -- but you can swap for other apps.   Read More