Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tech startup building facial-expression recognition software for Google Glass

Daily Caller - A San Diego-based tech startup announced Thursday its next round of funding will put emotion-reading software in wearable tech like Google Glass, which will accurately track and measure human sentiments through its onboard camera.

Emotient has raised $8 million total for its research and development since 2012, with $6 million alone going to wearable tech, where the company hopes to eventually become the main emotion analysis engine for ”any connected device with a camera.”

“We believe our technology is differentiated in its ability to deliver sentiment and emotional insights in real-time and in its accuracy in uncontrolled environments, such as a crowded store,” Emotient spokeswoman Vikki Herrera told TechCrunch.

The company’s first “glassware” app will be marketed to the retail sector, and allow sales employees wearing Glass to gauge customers’ emotional responses to sales pitches and techniques in real-time. The app will also provide feedback to help customize conversational responses to individual customers, all of which can be used for training or active assistance in the field.   Read More