Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Apple hiring efforts point to medical tech integration

The company reportedly has hired at least six biomedical experts and other medical professionals as interest in health tech surges.

CNET - Apple has secretly been bolstering its employee base with several medical professionals, according to a new report.
The technology pacesetter has been quietly hiring a medical team made up of senior medical technology executives who previously worked in the biotech field, Reuters is reporting, citing LinkedIn pages and sources who claim to have knowledge of the company's efforts. Most of the hires have some expertise in medical sensor technology, which could allow for Apple products to analyze everything from blood-sugar levels to heart rate.
Health, fitness, and medical care have caught the eye of major technology companies. Samsung, for example, has built several health-related features into itsGalaxy S5, and many wearable technology devices today have similar elements. Samsung is even planning an event later this month to talk about health.   Read More