Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dell Latitude E7240 Ultrabook review: Small, fast, and elegant

Dell Latitude E7240 Touch


PCWorld - It's pricey, but Dell's Latitude E7240 is about as good as it gets in the realm of 12.5-inch Ultrabooks.
Dell’s Latitude E7240 is a class act among 12.5-inch business laptops, but you’ll need to pay to play: This Ultrabook costs a cool $1795 as configured for this review, though you can get into a lesser configuration for $500 less.
Styled largely in black and charcoal with minimal white highlights, the Latitude E7240’s sedate, no-nonsense looks won’t blow anyone away. The keyboard has a solid feel and bounce (a relief after the saggy unit Dell put on its Inspiron 7537), and the touchpad with its single set of buttons is smoothly responsive.

Dell Latitude E7240
Dell’s Latitude E7240 is surprisingly heavy for a 12.5-inch Ultrabook. It weighs in at 3.6 pounds.

The E7240’s 12-inch touchscreen Gorilla Glass display is as sweetly responsive as its touchpad. Its native resolution of 1920x1080 is great for movies, but it also makes for tiny Windows icons and text. I immediately bumped everything up to “larger” in the display preferences, but I still found that to be less than ideal for older eyes.    Read More