Sunday, June 1, 2014

With no 'amazing' devices due at WWDC, Apple's Tim Cook feels the heat

Apple keeps saying it's got a strong product pipeline for 2014. Skeptics worry the innovators behind the iPhone, iPad have lost their mojo.

What does Tim Cook have up his sleeve?Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't been shy about teasing that "amazing" new products will come to market in 2014. But with the year nearly half gone -- and speculation that new gadgets won't be part of the lineup at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference next week -- the patience of even the most diehard Apple fanboys is wearing thin.
Well, not all Apple fanboys. "I've got a good feeling about this one," John Gruber, author of the popular Apple-related blog Daring Fireball, told his followers this weekafter Apple announced it would provide a live broadcast of the WWDC opening keynote on Monday.
Cook, who celebrates his third anniversary as CEO in August, promised several times over the past year that Apple would enter "exciting new product categories" in 2014. Earlier this week, Eddy Cue, head of iTunes and the man behind Apple's $3 billion acquisition of headphone and streaming music service provider Beats, upped the pressure by boasting that the consumer-electronics giant is working on its "best product pipeline in 25 years."   Read More