Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hands on with PlayStation Now

Sony's ambitious streaming-only game service is about to hit public beta. Here's what to expect.

CNET - I've recently become enamored with the idea of replaying games from my past because unlike a favorite film, I don't often experience a game twice.
Backwards compatibility has been a point of contention in previous generations of consoles, but with the arrival of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, legacy titles have taken a backseat. While Microsoft has yet to flesh out plans on addressing this void, Sony has aggressively teased PlayStation Now, a game-streaming service that not only chips away at the backwards compatibility shortcomings of PS4, but will soon offer the ability to stream archive games across multiple Sony platforms.
I've had a few weeks with the closed PlayStation Now beta, and while I'm told almost everything I've seen is subject to change, here are my first initial impressions of Sony's ambitious service.   Read More