Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The NFL & Tech In The News

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Get in the Game! NFL Players to Wear Tracking RFID Chips This Season

industry tap - This upcoming NFL season, 17 teams in the league will utilize RFID technology in order to give fans more data on player movements.
Quarter-sized RFID sensors from Zebra Technologies will be installed inside shoulder pads in order to track where players are going, how fast, and their acceleration among other things, all in real-time!
The data will then be relayed to places like an app, team websites, or screens in the stadium where fans can continuously check out advanced information and data.
Currently, the technology is accurate up to 6 inches, but it will be even more accurate after next season.
In two years, the sensors will be able to calculate lung capacity, heart rate, and the temperature of players.
NFL Now app to hit the gridiron on Apple TV -- report
CNET - The service, unveiled in January, offers everything from on-demand highlights to game archives.

Apple TV's list of apps is set to get a league larger in the coming weeks, according to a report.
NFL Now was introduced in January as a "personalized video service" for the National Football League's content. The free app allows people to input their favorite teams and players and get related videos delivered to the app. The service also includes access to NFL news and clips to review the results of any given Sunday. NFL Now appears to be targeted at fantasy players first and foremost but could appeal to any serious fan.   Read More