Monday, December 19, 2011

British Telecom sues Google over Android (and almost everything else)

(Source: Flickr)

Summary: The world’s oldest telecoms company, BT, is suing Google over… well, pretty much everything, from Android to Google Maps, and even at the core of the company: Google Search.

British Telecoms (BT) has become the fifth major technology company to bring a patent infringement case against Google, as the company seeks unspecified damages and an injunction.

Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and eBay have previously taken shots at the search giant over patents of a similar nature.

The suit, filed with a U.S. District Court in Delaware, claims that a wide array of Google’s services violate a patent held by the telecoms, affecting Google Search, Google Music, and the Android Market. Even Google Maps and social network Google+ is not immune to the claim.

BT will not be an easy challenger to face in the courts. Having said that, it could go the same was as its fateful ‘hyperlink case’ went at the turn of the century.               More