Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Google+ features: Customize your streams, and more

CNET - Google+ is giving its members a few stocking stuffers designed to enhance the social network.

Touted in Google’s official blog today, the enhancements are part of an ongoing effort to make Google+ more effective and more user friendly.

One of the tweaks will let you customize your Google+ stream. The more people you follow, the more cluttered your stream can become, increasing the odds of missing important posts. To help unclutter your stream, a slider at the top of a particular circle will let you control how posts from that circle should mesh into the overall stream.

The red notifications button at the top of your Google+ page tells you how many notifications are in the queue. But sometimes you need to click on a specific notification to get the full scoop on it. To reduce the time you spend clicking around, Google is adding “sneak previews” that quickly clue you in on what’s new among your notifications.        More