Thursday, June 21, 2012

Steve Ballmer Memo Hints at New Microsoft Devices and Services. Also, Pics of Surface Tablet

Mashable - Shortly after he presented Surface to the world, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer sent a memo to employees, hinting at new devices and services from the company.

In the memo, Ballmer praises some of the work Microsoft’s done in the past year and claims he’s “incredibly optimistic” of what’s ahead for the company.

He drops some interesting tidbits about Surface, calling it “a new family of computing devices from Microsoft.” This wasn’t hard to guess, but it’s obvious Microsoft doesn’t plan on stopping at just one tablet. There is going to be more than one Surface — unfortunately, Ballmer doesn’t say much about when that might happen.   More

Taking the Tablet to New Heights 

Microsoft thinks Surface can redefine the tablet with dual USB ports, thin-yet-sturdy construction and a cover that reveals a fully functional keyboard complete with trackpad.

Ultrabook? No. Ultra thin? Yes.

The Surface's Windows RT version is just 9.3 millimeters thick, while the Windows 8 Pro version measures 13.5 millimeters.