Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blizzard's 'Overwatch' Is A Remnant Of 'Project Titan' - Blizzard stuns video game world by debuting their first new IP in 17 years

Forbes - Yesterday, Blizzard stunned the video game world by debuting their first new IP in 17 years. The game is Overwatch, a multiplayer shooter than blends elements of different genres and games, and perhaps is most similar to Team TISI +0.52% Fortress 2 from what we’ve seen so far.

But past the existence of the IP and game itself, the most curious part of Overwatch is the timetable. At its BlizzCon reveal, Blizzard was able to show not just a cinematic trailer, but a gameplay video as well. Even past that, the game is actually playable at BlizzCon and will have a beta sometime in 2015. For Blizzard, known for preposterously long release tables, this is moving at lightning speed. 

So how is this possible?

There’s a pretty simple explanation. Overwatch has been Frankensteined to life from the corpse of Project Titan.

Blizzard recently cancelled the would-be MMO, causing many to applaud them for axing a game they deemed to be going nowhere even after sinking tons of time and money into its development. But they weren’t going to let all that hard work go to waste, and it seems to be the case that Overwatch has been spun out of Titan, perhaps even once existing as the game’s PvP mode.   Read More