Monday, November 10, 2014

Google Genomics Can Store Your Entire Genome Online


What Is Google Genomics?

Google Genomics provides an API to store, process, explore, and share DNA sequence reads, reference-based alignments, and variant calls, using Google's cloud infrastructure.

  • Store alignments and variant calls for one genome or a million.
  • Process genomic data in batch by running principal component analysis or Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, in minutes or hours, by using parallel computing frameworks like MapReduce.
  • Explore data by slicing alignments and variants by genomic range across one or multiple samples -- for your own algorithms or for visualization; or interactively process entire cohorts to find transition/transversion ratios, allelic frequency, genome-wide association and more using BigQuery.
  • Share genomic data with your research group, collaborators, the broader community, or the public. You decide.
Google Genomics is implementing the API defined by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health for visualization, analysis and more. Compliant software can access Google Genomics, local servers, or any other implementation.

So...if you would like to store your genome on Google's cloud infrastructure or just want more info, click here.

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