Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NASA Military Helicopter Crash Tests Improve Survivability and Durability

h/t - @osamaelmageid

industry tap - One of the most spectacular, harrowing and deadly human events is the crash of a helicopter. One moment, it’s flying smoothly through the air and the next pirouetting toward the ground, sometimes sailing back and forth out of control, its pilot struggling to right it, until it hits a power line or the ground. As a helicopter crashes, its rotors continue spinning until they are ripped apart at impact, flying off in all directions.

NASA Helicopter Crash Tests Save Lives & Property


Once the crash has occurred, the next big event is usually an explosion of onboard fuel that occurs just after impact. If occupants have not been injured or killed in the crash, their lives are now threatened by a large tank of extremely flammable fuel, usually located just under the cockpit.
While any loss of life is tragic and to be avoided, the loss of highly trained military personnel can be extremely damaging to a military unit.      Read More