Wednesday, July 18, 2012

iPhone 5 rumor roundup

CNET tracks all the iPhone 5 rumors -- from the likely to the crazy -- that we've heard so far in 2011 and 2012.

After unveiling a marginally improved iPhone 4S in 2011 instead of a radically different iPhone 5, Apple has returned to its development labs to cook up (no pun intended) the next iteration of its popular phone. In 2012, we're fairly certain that the real iPhone 5 will roll out of Apple's gates and that the device should be a bigger leap forward than the 4S was.

That's why after taking some time off at the end of last year, we've resurrected CNET's iPhone 5 rumor roundup to cover the new tidbits from 2012. So join us again in watching the rumor mill churn. We'll add to it until we get the real thing; please let us know if we've left any gossip out.

July 17, 2012
It'll have a thinner screen
The Wall Street Journal reports that the new iPhone's display will incorporate "in-cell technology." Already manufactured by LCD screen makers including Sharp, LG Display, and Japan Display, in-cell technology enables a screen's touch sensors and LCD be consolidated into one single layer. This would result in a thinner screen and a cheaper production price.

July 16, 2012
A stockpile of SIMs
The Financial Times reports that wireless carriers in Europe are stockpiling nano-SIM chips in anticipation of Apple including the new technology in the next iteration of the iPhone. Smaller than regular SIM cards, they could allow Apple to include a bigger battery in its next handset. The company started using nano-SIMs in 2010 in the first iPad.

July 15, 2012
Taller phone with a center camera
The Taiwan-based blog posts photos of an alleged iPhone frame that is as wide as the iPhone 4S, but taller. That would allow for a 4-inch display with an aspect ratio of 16:9.    More